Peer tutoring

Peer tutoring includes a range of approaches in which learners work in pairs or small groups to provide each other with explicit teaching support, such as:

  • Cross-age tutoring, in which an older learner takes the tutoring role and is paired with a younger tutee or tutees;
  • Peer assisted learning, which is a structured approach for mathematics and reading with sessions of 25 –35 minutes two or three times a week; and
  • Reciprocal peer tutoring, in which learners alternate between the role of tutor and tutee.

Benefits to this include:

  • Targeted reading aloud and book discussion with young children;
  • Explicitly extending pupils’ spoken vocabulary;
  • The use of structured questioning to develop reading comprehension; and
  • The use of purposeful, curriculum-focused, dialogue and interaction.

CASE STUDY: The Schools of King Edward the Sixth in Birmingham, West Midlands

NeuroHeadway delivered a series of six workshops called ‘Picture this in Science’. The aim of this series is to support pupils with their science work in the curriculum.

A group of 12 students immersed themselves into science using photography as a vehicle for learning in a highly creative way. Over the six workshops, students covered Changing State, Earth, Sun, Moon, Electricity, Food Chains, Forces, Friction, Solids, Liquids and Gases, Growing Plants, Keeping Healthy, Light and Dark, Magnets, Plants and Animals, Rocks and Soils, and Variation.

NeuroHeadway used photography and visual media to bring these topics to life in a fun and engaging way. Visual media is assessable to a wide range of students and allows them to express themselves at a level that suits their personal abilities.

Pupils were encouraged to develop their own ideas to produce a final piece of work. NeuroHeadway aims to encourage positive behaviour and involvement within the workshops to achieve a higher standard of work, while also giving pupils one-on-one assistance where needed and encouraging asking for help when it is required.

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