Rapid change in our world

Module Overview

Originated by: Dr Vjeran Katunaric

We live in a time of rapid change. This can be a temporary or permanent change, but the fact remains that ‘time marches on’.  Being quick or being slow in any action may be relevant only if these rhythms are complementary to the context.  We are not machines – we are organisms as well as social and cultural beings and our need for different rhythms of work and living is indisputable. In many cultures, mainly in the Southern part of the world, quickness is not central to the life of most people and often is seen as negative. On the other hand, in the North and the Western world, “time is money”.

This module looks at a practical and philosophical view of the idea of fast and slow living and students explore this idea according to their view of the world.

We will explore

  • Are we living ‘fast’ or ‘slow’?
  • Do we eat ‘slow food’ or only ‘fast food’?
  • Is there are fast/slow life balance?
  • Does time run quicker some time more than others?
  • Design a day with a combination of fast/slow activities


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