School learning exchange

Engagement between our schools is increasing a key part of our work. We are proactively connecting students from different schools to help young people enhance their life skills and mental and emotional wellbeing.

Our school learning exchange is a great way to bring NeuroHeadway education to life for young learners, and the benefits of collaborating on joint projects with international schools are wide-reaching. This would also be great for schools or learning institutions that wish to connect with other schools around the world to share learning experience and to exchange Neuroeducation ideas.

For students, partnerships can help develop their core skills and an appreciation for cultural diversity; and for teachers, international collaboration is a useful way of growing professionally and sharing knowledge and teaching best practice with an international audience.

Schools can access shared resources, including our Partnerships Toolkit, to help you sustain and build upon your school projects.

CASE STUDY: Bristol University, Avon & Porto, Portugal

NeuroHeadway was invited to provide a support structure to the Portugese students and Bristol University. Collaborating with four secondary schools in the city of Porto, Portugal, aged 19, we organised a set of educational idea platforms and storyboard to be visually communicated through videos.

The students produces a series of promotional videos to reveal the life and times at the university, through the prism of subjects within: ‘Affective Thinking’, ‘Anger’ and ‘Anxiety and Depression’.

The videos were designed and created as part of a series of twilight sessions focussed on: ‘Building Awareness’, ‘Conscious and Emotions’ and ‘Peer Pressure’ to showcase the lifestyle of international students at the school; the resulting videos are used as case studies to promote the University to prospective international students.

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