Building self awareness

Module Overview

Originated by Prof. Viktorija Radotic

A mind that is at peace or calm will cause the brain to produce “good” hormones, which in turn give the person a stable emotional state and promote good health in every area of life. Building self-awareness means being able to inwardly observe your state of mind and take steps to build resilience when negative thoughts begin to gain momentum.
It is considered beneficial for us to stay calm and cultivate this state of mind, especially during stressful events such as health issues, family problems and generally worrying times. In this module we look at ways of building self-awareness a find out how to build personal resilience.

We will explore

  • What is self-esteem?
  • Characteristics of self-esteem
  • What we need for emotional good health
  • Managing your emotions
  • The value of believing in yourself


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This module includes

  • Lesson plans
  • PowerPoint presentations (including higher ability)
  • Maslow pyramid teaching handouts and notes
  • Building self-awareness Quiz
  • Self-esteem journal
  • Additional teaching notes
  • Teacher assessment

We believe that some topics are approached more powerfully by bringing in animation. That is why some of the topics have videos to illustrate the learning points

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