Extracurricular and enrichment workshops

Our network of talented and committed practitioners can work with your school, as enrichment sessions or as extracurricular workshops, to provide targeted and bespoke experiences in alleviating stress and anxiety, bereavement, bullying and reducing behavioural issues that are common with pupils at a primary school age.

We provide a tailored and safe environment for children, creating a setting for pupils to take their new skills onward onto the next stage of their lives. It is imperative that these discussion based and activity focussed workshops are centred on allowing pupils to feel safe and secure, in a classroom setting.

Each of our programmes is for 2 hours a week, for a period of 6 weeks, minimum.

We provide targeted strategies and activities to help pupils re-engage and focus on three key areas:

1. Educational neuroscience

Bringing together experts in developmental cognitive neuroscience, educational psychology, education theory and other related disciplines, to explore the interactions between biological processes and education

2. Visual arts and play therapy

Using creative arts and play-based activities with children for supporting a positive sense of understanding and a reinforcement of cognitive development.

Examples of the type of play therapy activities include: photography, animation, visual effects, storytelling, cinematography and filmmaking, each of which has particular benefits and strengths.

3. Child cognitive, behavioural and emotional development

Emotional and cognitive development refers to the ability to recognise, express, and manage feelings at different stages of life and to have empathy for the feelings of others. The development of these emotions, which include both positive and negative emotions, is largely affected by relationships with parents, siblings, and peers.

Children’s University

In collaboration with the Children´s University, pupils can collect their learning stamps, they can then allocate towards NeuroHeadway home education courses, to be completed with their parent / guardians. Also, schools receive additional complimentary resources as part of this arrangement, so everyone is able to enjoy the benefits of neuroeducation.

How does it work?

1. Neuroheadway works with your school over an agreed number of hours

2. At the end of each hourly workshop, the practitioner will provide the school with learning stamps in a form of stickers to be distributes among the students

    1 guided learning hour = 1 sticker

3. Once the student collects 13 stickers, the parent would contact us via email with the child name and name of the school to receive a home education course with 4hours worth of content

    13 stickers = 4 hours worth of FREE content

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