Consultation and Planning services

Having a NeuroHeadway Coach is like having your very own educational Neuroscientist — someone to give you feedback, guide you on specialised topics and to encourage your classroom success. Our team can put you in direct contact with our expert academics, neuroscientists, psychologists as well as our practitioners, who can work with you on designing bespoke resources fit around your specific needs.

This service is popular with schools who want to integrate Mental Health and life skills learning into their existing curriculum. Many teachers work with us in devising a new set of resources for their own curriculum that they’d like to construct, which often include: differentiated lesson activities, home learning tasks, new vocabulary grids, challenge cards, fact cards, eye catching display packs, and formative assessment materials.

The focus is on you.

Take a look at where you are right now in the School PSHE and Science Curriculum and then consider where you want to be. Your coach will help you get there. By going through this process, you will come away with a real, workable plan — customized to your students strengths, abilities and passions.

We can provide you with targeted support and additional challenges to ensure all students make at least national rates of progress.

The aim of bespoke curriculum is to create:

  • Successful learners who enjoy learning; make good progress and achieve excellence
  • Confident individuals who are able to live safe, healthy and fulfilling lives
  • Responsible citizens who can make a positive contribution to society
  • Resources that takes into account individual needs and styles
  • Allows everyone to experience success
  • Raises standards of attainment

Our Direct Coaches will help you:

  • Build a personalised set of classroom resources to be utilised over a 38 week period
  • Discover your pupils existing understanding of Emotional Literacy, Mental Health Awareness and Self-Esteem, with a huge amount of many different module titles to choose from
  • Create an individualised curriculum strategy for mapping out where you would like to investigate and what to explore in the months ahead
  • Personalizing lesson plan resources for Pupils of different learning styles

The types of resources can include:

  • Assessment
  • Resource Packs
  • Lesson Teaching Packs
  • Class Management
  • Activity Sheets
  • Power points and visual Aids
  • Activities and Games

Historically, the topics requested by schools included:

Intervention and preventative strategies:

  • Anxiety and depression
  • Mental health and mental illness
  • Forgiveness
  • Our attitude towards ourselves
  • Self esteem
  • Stress management
  • Communication
  • Self awareness
  • Regulating our emotions
  • Social skill
  • Peer pressure
  • Personal values
  • Empathy
  • Mindfulness

Cognitive development and life skills:

  • Mental rotation skills
  • Neurocognitive processes
  • Exercise and memory
  • Brain training, eg. balancing the hemispheres of the brain, so they work in an integrated fashion and improve learning
  • Perceptual-motor training, i.e. that learning problems arise from inefficient integration of visual, auditory and motor skills
  • Cognitive creativity
  • Experiential learning
  • Kinaesthetic learning
  • Challenging core cognitive abilities
  • Spatial intelligence
  • Cognitive psychology
  • Intellectual development
  • Visual and depth perception

NeuroHeadway gives you peace of mind and teaching materials you know you can trust.

Our work is checked for on the following aspects:


Qualified Neuroscience experts create and advise on all our teaching materials and that means you can be sure that we’ve gone to great lengths to check that its error free and factually correct.


We make new teaching materials every single day, so you know that whatever you see is up to date and relevant.


Our materials are tried and tested by Clinical Psychologists and Neuroscientists – this ensures that they are fit for purpose so you can be confident they’ll be relevant and rigorous in your classroom setting.

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