NeuroHeadway university network initiative furthers the understanding of how research findings from the world’s top Neuroscientists has the potential to inform teaching and learning through research, collaboration, and advocacy.

This initiative fosters dialogue among students who have the opportunity to collaborate with our team on developing joint research projects and neuroscience development initiatives to magnify the potential for current findings, in order to enrich educational practice in the classroom.

Our university learning exchange is a great way for students to collaborate with NeuroHeadway on education projects that are completed within a short time frame of between 6 – 12 weeks in duration. Students are given a task centered on the subject of educational neuroscience and gain enormous insight into the development of new programs that are created for schools worldwide.

Our partnerships will university students help develop their core skills and an appreciation for cultural diversity; and for teachers, international collaboration is a useful way of growing professionally and sharing knowledge and teaching best practice with an international audience.

How does it work?

  1. We partner with universities (in the UK) for collaborating with students who have backgrounds in pedagogical disciplines, such as: teaching and cognitive science.
  2. The students we work with, via NeuroHeadway, collaborate with NeuroHeadway’s team on providing additional support in the areas of providing learning assessments and teaching resources, for professional teachers to engage with in a classroom setting and/or for NeuroHeadway’s practitioners to deliver in a school. Students also have the opportunity to work shadow our facilitators in a classroom setting in order to gain further understanding of how neuroeducation plays a large role in 21st century skills
  3. Students meet usually once a month with NeuroHeadway’s development teams to organise new pupil assessments and to provide additional resources for upcoming neuroscience based projects that involve NeuroHeadway’s partnerships with thousands of worldwide researchers and academics.
  4. Through their work with us, students will provide ideas as to best practice methods, as part of the new complimentary resources that they create, as part of a whole school approach.
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