Our modules

How flexible are you in regards to when we can have you into our school?

We’ll need to check with our tutors asap in terms of what day(s) they have available. We always try to be as accommodating as possible.

What is your background?

Our work in education started in 2006 when we began working with hundreds of Primary and Secondary Schools in the UK, through STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) subjects. Our education programs are still delivered by our certified practitioners who go into schools on our behalf and deliver dedicated workshops on specific themes, centred on a variety of STEM subjects.

Are the materials for individual year groups or a whole school?

The materials for teachers are for individual year groups as they contain specific practical activities and resources for each designated year group.

How many schools / college / Universities have you worked with?

We work with around 19,000 schools per year in the UK and we work with another 70,000 schools internationally, in over 25 countries, each year also.

What is the latest we can let you know about confirming the sessions with you?

In order to secure dates with our tutor in your geographical area, we have to inform our practitioner at least 7 days in advance. We require a confirmation form completing from a representative at the school in order to secure the dates and times in advance.

How does NeuroHeadway contribute to children’s Mental Health?

There are many ways in which NeuroHeadway helps children learn about Mental Health.  Our aim is that NeuroHeadway modules are invaluable when helping children to become more successful in all aspects of their lives, not just as learners. The practice of mindfulness, where children learn to be in the present moment without judgement, is encouraged in every NeuroHeadway module. The NeuroHeadway approach is underpinned by mindfulness which aims to empower children to learn now and improve their life-chances later, and to help them develop personal awareness. Mindfulness practice enables them to observe their own thoughts and feelings, regulate them and make conscious decisions about their learning, behaviour and lives. It helps them to remain focused on the present moment and thrive in it.

Will NeuroHeadway materials help with Ofsted?

Whilst PSHE is still non-statutory, NeuroHeadway supports schools in their duty to provide:

  • A broad and balanced curriculum
  • Opportunities for SMSC
  • Support for children’s well-being

Furthermore, NeuroHeadway provides explicit teaching, supporting the ‘Behaviour and Safety’ and ‘Personal Development’ strands of the Ofsted framework, in addition to discrete teaching on diversity, which supports the ‘Equalities’ duty.

Can you tell me how these modules are accessed?

The modules are sent to you direct (both via email and via post, on CD).

What are ZIP files? What do I do if I am having difficulties opening the file?

Some of our resources are contained in compressed ZIP files – these files are used when the resources are large, or there are a number of resources grouped together in a pack. In order to access a ZIP file, an unzipping program is required – this program then extracts the set of resources from the ZIP file and puts them onto your computer for normal use. It is very likely that your computer has software already built in that will allow you to unzip files, but if you don’t have this software or you are unsure, we recommend using WinRar. The latest version of WinRAR can be downloaded for free (most users can choose the first option in the list).

If youre having difficulties opening the ZIP files, click here.

What do I do if I can't download a resource?

Try refreshing your screen and check that you are logged into the right page. Alternatively, try installing a different web browser. Find out which browser you’re using. Try changing to either Google Chrome or Firefox. Check that you have a PDF reader if the resource is in PDF format.

If you are still having any problems with downloading resources, please contact us.

Does NeuroHeadway fit the new PSHE association programmes of study?

Every aspect of the PSHE Association’s programme of study is covered in NeuroHeadway. We have mapped out where each strand occurs and the mapping grid is freely accessible here.

Do NeuroHeadway materials cover the non-statutory framework for PSHE?

The Non-Statutory National Framework for PSHE KS1 and 2 was written in 2000 and sets out what the curriculum content for PSHE in the Primary phase needs to be. You can find out more here.

NeuroHeadway covers all of this framework AND MORE!

The DfE has not updated the Framework since then, though the PSHE Association has written a more up-to-date Programme of Study in 2013 (and updated in 2014). With this in mind, NeuroHeadway PSHE Ltd has produced a mapping document which cross-references NeuroHeadway content and the updated Programme of Study from the PSHE Association. It covers everything in the Programme of Study, and more, including lots on children’s emotional and Mental Health and well-being.

Does NeuroHeadway fit with the Rights Respecting Schools Award?

NeuroHeadway aims to empower children to understand their own rights and those of others, and supports the development of global citizenship.

We have mapped the NeuroHeadway Puzzles’ contribution to the Rights Respecting Schools Award and to the Universal Convention on the Rights of the Child.

We have a list of topics that we’d like you to integrate Neuroscience into. Is this achievable?

Yes, certainly. We do this with many schools and we can liaise with you individually about this offer that we have with you and your department.

Will the Teachers need access to a computer?

The children would not need access to a computer.

Would you expect the same Teachers to go week after week or would you be expecting a different set of Teachers each week?

Yes, we would expect the same Teachers to attend every week for the number of weeks the club would be running for.

When would you need to know by, in order to start?

If you’re happy to provisionally book dates in on our confirmation form, we can plan ahead and work towards these. We’d need to know 7 days prior to starting with you if you had sufficient numbers of Teachers, in order for it to go ahead (we require at least 10 Teachers attending you see).

Can your sessions be delivered into Curriculum time?

Yes, absolutely. We cater for school time programs, working with school personnel to enhance what is already being completing at school throughout the year, in specific subject topics.

How does NeuroHeadway fit into our Creative Curriculum?

We are happy to advise and discuss this, as it will probably look different in each school. We are,
however, finding that because NeuroHeadway is a whole-school approach, it works well sitting
alongside a creative curriculum.

Can we cut down some of the lesson time from each of the NeuroHeadway resources?

We understand time restraints and how difficult it is to fit everything into a pressurised curriculum. However, each NeuroHeadway lesson is designed with the learning process in mind. We believe NeuroHeadway has the most impact when the lessons are delivered as written. Much care has been taken to structure the lessons in line with how learning happens and how the brain works. It is possible, though, to separate the ‘Connect Us’ aspect and deliver it at another occasion so children can still benefit their social skills with the ‘Connect Us’ activities. Some teachers are selective about the ‘Let Me Learn’ section, and this is fine as long as the learning intentions are still met.

Subscription & Payment

How does the Subscription user fee work?

You buy our resources on an annual subscription basis which gives your school a license to use the whole Neuroheadway library for a 12 month period.

Resources are being updated as new research evidence and tools emerge, so a yearly subscription means you always have the most up to date resources available.

Can I purchase single modules as well as a package?

Yes. The school can buy a single module at a cost of £30 for whole school use. You can also buy the whole library on an annual user fee subscription. All of our user fee subscriptions are payable annually, if you wish to renew.

Do you need a purchase order from us as a School?

Yes, we require a purchase order from your school. Please, have a look at our subscribe page for more detail.

When will my subscription begin, and how long will it run for?

If you pay by BACS, your subscription will begin straight away, and it will run for a full year from your time of payment. Your paid for resources will be emailed to you and can be used by your school for 12 months.

How can I pay for my Subscription?

BACS is the most simple, secure and reliable way to make a payment.

Here are our details:
NeuroHeadway Ltd. Our Bank Sort Code: 40-15-07. Our Bank Account Number: 11839535.

If you are paying a single invoice, please quote your invoice number as your reference.

You can pay your invoice quickly and easily over the telephone by calling us on our UK Switchboard: (+44) 01562 730 696.

Cheques or postal orders should be made payable to NeuroHeadway, with the School name written clearly on the reverse. Please mail your cheque to NeuroHeadway, 1 The Glebe, Belbroughton, Worcestershire, DY9 9TH, United Kingdom.

Will you Invoice my School?

Yes. Your invoice will be raised as you place your order. You can also pay by BACS or Cheque – contact us direct to arrange. Please note, our resources are subject to VAT which will be included on the invoice.

I’m going on long term leave but have time left on my subscription – what do I do?

Let us know when you are going to be starting your leave. We can pause your subscription user fee and then restart it when you advise us when to begin again.

How long do I have to pay?

We ask that the invoice be paid within 14 days of receipt.

I’d like to request a refund

We’re sorry you’re thinking of leaving us and we’d like to know if there is anything more we can do to help you, so do get in touch so we can discuss your needs.

All of our subscriptions are one off annual payments. Due to the electronic nature of our product delivery, we aren’t able to offer a refund once you have downloaded our resources.

The only exception under which a refund can be provided is if a large proportion of parents request that their son or daughter do not participate in using the resources.

Will you take payments automatically when my user fee subscription expires?

No, we don’t take any automatic payments. If you choose to renew, please respond accordingly to the emails that we will send near the end of your subscription period. You will receive a reminder before your subscription expires.

What is NeuroHeadway VAT number?

Our VAT number is: 256708286.

Which currency can I use for payment?

We operate in UK British Pounds for payment.

Are you registered on our county council preferred supplier network list?

Yes, we work with each city, metropolitan, country and district council in the country to ensure we can provide a comprehensive, professional and educational service to all schools we work with.

Do you have the relevant Insurance?

Our tutors have their own Public Liability insurance, yes.

Will we have one username/account for the whole school?

Yes, the users in your school will have the same login password.


Can I buy a Gift Voucher for a friend?

Yes, we often get requests and this has allowed us to offer various gift vouchers for colleagues and friends. Please contact our UK Customer Service Team on: +44 01562 730 580 or contact: services@neuroheadway.com and we can send you some more relevant information on this.

Can I receive a feedback from other schools in my area?

Yes, this is not a problem. We are already working with hundreds of schools who can share with you their best practices. Get in touch with us and we will let you know if there is a school in your area that we are already working with.

CPD and Coaching Sessions

What is the connection with STEM into Education?

Our work in STEM and Life Skills is now based on two areas:
1) Providing teaching resources to school teachers who require additional materials in order to provide a series of lessons (during Curriculum Time) to pupils who need targeted expertise, in connection with Social Science and its associated branches. This is a growing issue for all teachers across the world, working in state Primary and Secondary Schools.
2) Dedicated CPD training for teachers and senior leadership teams, who require expertise-led training from certified Neuroscience practictioners

Are we able to charge teachers directly (i.e at a cost per teacher, to attend the training session) instead of you charging the school for the entire amount?

Yes, certainly. We’d just require a confirmation form signing and completing before starting the workshop(s) with you all to confirm this.

What kind of accreditation do you offer to schools?

Our certified practitioners have many accredited qualifications within the sphere of Neuroscience and its associated branches. We will present each teacher with a level 1 certificate upon each course completion. We, as a company, offer five different levels of certified training to school teachers and senior leadership teams. We can also tailor each course to suit the demands and requirements of your staff.
NB. We will provide and send the certificates to the school in the post, 1 week after each course has taken place.

Do you offer discounts for larger groups of teachers attending the workshops?

We’re not in a position to offer this at the moment, apologies.