PRU Guided learning

Working in PRU’s can be challenging and usually requires additional support.

Working with both PRU teachers and mental health & wellbeing experts, we have developed a set of engaging learning resources, specifically targeted at providing support to pupils in alternative provision centres.

Combining the highly relevant contemporary topics of STEM and health and wellbeing, we are able to provide an engaging, educational range of activities for students.

In order to maximise pupils concentration levels, each class is split into a 10 minute bitesize task, to be completed as a standalone activity or to be cascaded into the next 10 minute exercise – whichever is appropriate.

All of our resources can be accessed online and downloaded to use on demand or delivered directly by one of our trained practitioners. All of our facilitators are trained clinical psychologists and neuroscientists which enables them to provide a more targeted support structure to pupils during the class delivery.

We use the very best neuroscience academic research, as the foundation for evidence-based practice, for in the classroom.

  • Practical exercises and role play activities, in conjunction with anger therapy, depression, mindfulness and moral development areas
  • Underpinning current neuroscience research to help understand the impact early experiences have on the development of the brain
  • Providing assessments of your child’s emotional well-being and then creating an action plan to support them

Our PRU teaching resources have been designed specially for primary and secondary aged students who are:

  • At risk of exclusion
  • Excluded
  • Short term exclusion
  • 6th day provision
  • In Isolation
  • Anxiety / Mental health student
  • Offsite learner
  • In transition between schools

These resources are appropriate for:

  • Live teaching sessions
  • Supporting students with their broader learning
  • Drop in sessions for learning independently
  • Scheduled timetabled sessions for key topics, issues and themes
  • Prompting and supporting group learning sessions
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