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Academics – work with us!

NeuroHeadway is privileged to be working with some of the most brilliant minds in the field of Neuroscience and related areas.

Research work is developing at a pace and there is a growing emphasis and evidence on the ability of our minds to change, adapt and develop to the world around us. The Government recognises the importance of Mental Health in young people and Minsters are working to address the Mental Health crisis in schools by introducing measures such as Mindfulness lessons and classes on handling stress and depression.

To help meet these needs, we are developing a range of educational resources that will support and enrich young people’s lives and we highlight how we are making a difference.

We invite teachers and experts to connect with us so we can explore further opportunities to work together to deliver this important work.

If you are a psychologist and/or academic expert, see below how you could work with us. Share your knowledge and reach millions of students across the globe.

What the people we work with say about us?

”It’s been a fabulous way for me to utilise my expertise, but in a different way.”

”We have had some interesting and exciting results from our collaboration with NeuroHeadway and the resources are very intuitive for teachers who are struggling to find the right way to access innovative PSHE materials that are continually updated.”

”NeuroHeadway have proven that they have invaluable teaching materials.”

”Pupils who are taught these resources tend to gain an affinity with a number of neuroeducation based concepts far earlier than those who do strictly organic projects within Science and PSHE.”

”The initial response from pupils was enthusiastic. They were impressed seeing metacognitive based learning activities that they hadn’t seen before.”

”I am confident the software will help reach a major breakthrough in my research.”

”The approach gives new insight to projects I’ve been working on for the past three to four years.”

”NeuroHeadway is supportive of academic research and they’ve been wonderful to work with to get everything up and running.”

”It’s a big step in the right direction for mainstream primary and secondary curriculum.”

Earn Extra Income

Once your course(s) is ready and launched to our global network of schools and education institutions, teachers will be able to discover and purchase it. You’ll earn money every time a teacher purchases your course.

Inspire Students

Help teachers and students discover and implement a huge array of educational courses within Neuroscience, such as: Critical Thinking, Social Health and Wellbeing, Self-Awareness and Mindfulness.

How does it work?

1. Choose Your Topic

  • Choose from a wide-ranging list of subjects within the fascinating subject of Neuroscience.
  • Many thousands of teachers are actively looking for resources to help their students with mental health and wellbeing and a myriad of other related subjects related to neuroeducation.
  • You can provide 1 hour modules or longer for teachers, in a style that suits you and your personality.

2. Create a Course

  • We have a dedicated team of support staff that will help you through the process of creating one module or a series of education programmes. It’s up to you as to how many modules you’d like to produce.

3. Connect with Students

  • Our companies have a strong record of collaborating with teachers, parents and students. NeuroHeadway sees that the best academic research is the foundation for evidence-based practice in the classroom. We would like to see your academic expertise and networks, combined with our company’s technical skills, market knowledge and networks, to be the foundation for real impact in education

We are here to help!

  • Our Instructor Support Team is here for you 24/7 to help you through your module
    creation requirements.
  • We will measure Learning Engagement and obtain valuable insights into classroom delivery patterns
  • You can build your own training content in a customized way, market and sell it, worldwide, to schools and teachers

NeuroHeadway Brand Advocates

Schools around the world are training their teachers to deliver Neuroheadway certified learning programmes to give students a competitive advantage when it comes to Social Health and Wellbeing.

The delivery arrangements in schools differ. A popular choice is to deliver the programmes as extracurricular workshops where parents pay for the sessions on a weekly or monthly basis.

Schools can buy Neuroheadway programmes and train teachers to deliver just one, or a series or a whole family of programmes. This flexibility and choice means that students can benefit in a range of ways and teachers and schools can tailor the scope and scale of extended learning as they see fit. We are also inviting teachers to get involved with developing new programmes by advising us of the topic they would like to explore.

International schools are acting as a hub for an area or specific territory and we work together with state schools to spread the learning further.

International Associates

NeuroHeadway is proactively building a presence in Schools internationally.  For creative and innovative individuals, there are two opportunities to get involved with NeuroHeadway.

You can become a NeuroHeadway International Associate which means you deliver workshops and promote our services within schools in your area.

Alternatively you can become a NeuroHeadway Licensee which means that you have a licence to market and deliver NeuroHeadway accredited programmes into schools in a designated territory.

As a NeuroHeadway Licensee, you would be able to:

  • Promote and deliver NeuroHeadway branded products and services in a designated territory
  • Create and deliver your own workshop based learning programmes (with NH’s assistance and endorsement) tailored to your local market
  • Work in partnership with NeuroHeadway in the marketing of our products / programmes
  • Recruit Practitioners (delivery partners) to deliver learning programmes and build capacity in your territory
  • Initiate collaborative working with schools in your territory
  • Resellers would recruit (with NH assistance) their own practitioners
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