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Working with leading neuroscience experts, our objective is to provide a whole school approach for ensuring that mental health and wellbeing becomes central to the way schools work and enable pupils to become emotionally-resilient and mentally healthy, in order to reach their full potential.

Emotional health and wellbeing is a very varied and complex area and there are no quick fix solutions. Maintaining every day, regular routines wherever possible, such as, attending school and lessons, whilst working towards managing mental health is key.

Teachers can now bring neuroscience into their classroom with a range of clear, accessible, and engaging teaching modules based on the latest evidence based research – all packaged into “ready to deliver” modules that complement the curriculum and are perfect for delivery in PSHE and/or Science lesson time.

Students, whatever their age, learn how to draw on Neuroscience when reflecting on their own experience and behaviour and find out about developing the skills necessary for continuous personal enquiry and practice. Read more about our story and impact we are having on students.

What do we offer?

1. Teaching resources

Our aim is to be the “go to” resource for teachers and care givers of young people on mental health and wellbeing and life skills learning. Aimed at KS2, KS3, KS4, KS5 students, our teaching modules contain engaging content.

Currently, we have 181 modules and we are constantly developing more. Each module has been designed to provide at least 1 hour’s delivery time in the classroom. To make lesson planning as straightforward as possible, we have, where appropriate, created resources for lower, regular and higher ability students.

Neuroscience includes a wide range of topics. These can be split into two categories:

  1. Mental health and wellbeing – e.g. Bullying, Stress and exams anxiety, Mindfulness, etc.
  2. Life skills – e.g. Emotional Intelligence, Self esteem, Friendships, etc.

We offer resources within the seven categories:


Your lesson format has a big impact on how your students will process information. The most effective courses use a mix of different formats to convey each message in the most engaging way. Our resource modules include:

Our resource modules include:

  • Corresponding lesson plans
  • Animation clips
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Key vocabulary lists
  • Activity Sheets and Games
  • ‘Emotive Words’ worksheets for pupils
  • ‘Observation of Thoughts’ worksheets for pupils
  • Reflection worksheets
  • Teacher handouts
  • Evaluation assessments for teachers
  • Class Management

Activities included in our modules include:

  • Cognitive development activities
  • Spatial intelligence and mental rotation activities
  • Practicals involving neurocognitive processes
  • Physical and memory exercises
  • Balancing the hemispheres of the brain, so they work in an integrated fashion and improve learning
  • Perceptual-motor training, i.e. activities integrating visual, auditory and motor skills
  • Experiential and kinaesthetic learning practices
  • Challenges for core cognitive abilities, including cognitive creativity
  • Training for visual and depth perception

Examples of our modules

2. Psychologist for schools

When a child or student is exposed to an extreme tragedy, or is overwhelmed by overwhelming stress, an educational psychologist is a skilled responder.

Common issues that children seeking therapy have faced include: divorce, abuse, mental illness, death of a loved one, or exposure to substance addiction. Symptoms that commonly warrant intervention or therapy include: obsessive behavior, social isolation, poor diminished academic performance, anxiety, anger, sleep disorders, aggression or incontinence.

Our certified practitioner is focused on evaluating children or students who are experiencing emotional difficulties and providing a treatment plan. Rooted in counseling and psychological theories, our child psychologists and neuroscientists are experts on how to help children manage depression, mental illness and developmental challenges.

3. Other services

We understand every school is different. In order to be able to better target your specific needs and provide you with a holistic support, we are offering a wider range of services. Click on one of the below to read more.

How does NeuroHeadway help to develop and improve lives?

Our passion is focused on continually developing learning resources that make a real difference. We always try to do the right thing for our learners and are honest, straightforward and friendly in our way of working. Our modules have a wider impact on other skills.

  • Our team believe that every child should have access to an extensive and exploratory Mental Health and Wellbeing education – we want to see all children learn, change, grow, become.
  • NeuroHeadway is an established authority on the subject of Educational Neuroscience.
  • NeuroHeadway is a complete resourcing package, covering all year groups – join now to benefit from teaching resources and assessment for the new National Curriculum.
  • Ensure pupil progress by giving your teaching team access to the best and most appropriate resources available.

Click here to see what development areas our programmes have impact on.

How does NeuroHeadway work with your school and staff team?

  • Continuously updating our Neuroeducation resources each day, created by our own Neuroscientists and Clinical Psychologists. Your whole school can stay in line with inspiring topics and engaging practical’s
  • Saving time and money by having everything on a wide subject in one location, especially for the subjects of PSHE and Science
  • Increasing recruitment and retention by expanding the motivation and morale of teaching and support staff
  • Gain access to the best quality teaching and learning materials, taking the pressure off staff and allowing them to focus on what they do best
  • Our Support team is there when you need us – 365 days per year
  • Instant access! Schools can pay via invoice, later

Benefits to learners:

  • Apply, enquire and master key life skills related to neuroscience, including mental health and wellbeing
  • Promoting a passion for learning
  • Encouraging them to confidently operate in the diverse world
  • Nurture respect for themselves and others and self-reflect critically to improve the quality of their work and life
  • Enable access to the latest research
  • Build skills essential for life and relationships
  • Help build resilience and inner strength
  • Elevate pupil’s communication, emotional and social skills
  • Improve attention and metacognition for all ages
  • Reduce stress, anxiety, reactivity and bad behaviour
  • Improve sleep and concentration
  • Create a sense of calm, relaxation, self-awareness and empathy
  • Create opportunities for everyone to experience success

Read more about critical skills NeuroHeadway examines.

Benefits for the PSHE subject leader:

  • Provides an overall structure of lesson planning and approach for PSHE for the whole school
  • Covers all aspects of PSHE
  • Ongoing support from the NeuroHeadway Team

Benefits to teachers:

  • Save time preparing lessons
  • Ease teacher stress by having access to classroom-ready materials
  • Gain access to latest research
  • Make expert led resources available at a cost affordable to all schools
  • Benefit from resources that are readily adapted to the latest framework of the national curriculum
  • Guidance through the most sensitive issues
  • Produce helpful resources that take account of individual needs and styles
  • Providing three levels of learning activities to cater for Gifted&Talented and Lower ability learners

Benefits for the Headteacher:

  • Comprehensive PSHE programme
  • Diversity, respect, positive behaviour
  • Assessment process tracking student progression
  • Included assemblies’ activities
  • Materials you can rely on – Qualified Neuroscience experts create and advise on all our teaching materials and that means you can be sure that we’ve gone to great lengths to check that its error free and factually correct. Our materials are also tested by Clinical Psychologists and Neuroscientists which this ensures that they are fit for purpose and relevant in your classroom setting.

Income Stream for Schools

  • Schools can make money by having a member of staff in a class (afterschool) and charging on a per pupil basis to cover the cost of the purchased information product
  • NeuroHeadway can help promote the clubs to schools by sending marketing materials to schools for them to send to parents
  • Our partnership directors can provide a helpdesk situation for schools who want to know more about our products purchased
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