Bespoke solutions

Our experts have a wide range of expertise within neuroscience including educational psychology and sociology. In partnership with teachers, we create practical workshop lesson plans for teachers with handouts for students into a pack, designed to fit with their time frames and subject syllabus. We can put you in direct contact with our expert academics as well as our practitioners who can work with you to create bespoke resources that are tailored around the class needs. These one-to-one sessions will help you to develop tailored workshops and support your delivery.

This services enables teachers and students to focus on contextualized learning through practical and topical first hand experiences, become highly motivated by promoting a passion for learning, incorporating student voice and collaboration, nurture respect for themselves and promote high self-esteem values, so they can self-reflect critically to improve the quality of their work and master and apply new skills in neuroeducation.

Our bespoke school materials are designed to:

  • Creates an aspirational high achievement culture
  • Takes into account individual needs and styles
  • Allows everyone to experience success
  • Raises standards of attainment
  • Focus on contextualized learning through play and first hand experiences
  • Become highly motivating, promoting a passion for learning and incorporate pupil voice and collaboration
  • To enable students to have respect for themselves and high self-esteem in order that they can self-reflect critically to improve the quality of their work
  • Master key skills within educational neuroscience, including mental wellbeing and behavioural neuroscience
  • Elevate pupil’s communication, emotional and social skills
  • Reduce teacher stress
  • The acquisition, application and mastering of key skills with educational Neuroscience, including: Mental Wellbeing and Behaviour Neuroscience

How does it work?

      1. Liaison 

Following a conversation with you, we tailor and design a series of learning modules to suit your specific school needs and one of our locally based practitioners will come to you school and deliver them.

      2. Assessment 

One of the most important aspects of a child psychologist is to diagnose the condition or issue that is impacting the emotional well-being of a child. A child psychologist begins by meeting the child and having a conversation, to establish rapport. The most important role of a child psychologist is to meet the child at his / her level. This may involve role playing, drawing pictures, or the use of toys and props. Relating to the child through the use of play is an effective way to build trust and help the child feel comfortable opening up. Additional standardized tests may be used to ascertain conditions like learning disorders, social interaction weaknesses, or emotional issues.

The sessions could comprise a one hour session each week for a term of half term to your pupils/students or maybe it could be a full training day(s) for teachers. A typical psychological assessment may take four to seven hours to complete. It may be conducted in several sessions, depending upon the needs and age of the child or student.

      3. Treatment plan

Rooted in evidence based theory provided by psychology and neuroscience experts, our resource content is designed to help young people understand and manage a range of wellbeing issues including anxiety, depression, mental illness and developmental challenges.

Materials you can trust

Our work is checked for on the following aspects:

Quality Standard Approved Mark – Whenever you see the standard on our materials, or those of our partners, it means it’s been checked, and triple checked for…

Content – Qualified teacher experts create and advise on all our teaching materials and that means you can be sure that we’ve gone to great lengths to check that it’s error free and factually correct

Relevance – We make new teaching materials every single day, so you know that whatever you see is up to date and relevant.

Purpose – Our materials are tried and tested by teachers to ensure they are fit for purpose so you can be confident they’ll go down a storm in your setting.

Design – Our materials have children in mind, and that’s clear from our design. We use fonts that have been specifically designed for early (and later) readers and choose colour schemes that we know are the most engaging for children.

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