DNA and genetics

Module Overview

Originated by Prof. Judith Steigmuller

Your genes mean that you probably look a bit like other members of your family. For example, have you been told that you have ‘your mother’s eyes’ or ‘your grandmother’s nose’? Genes influence what we look like on the outside and how we work on the inside. They contain the information our bodies need to make chemicals called proteins. Proteins form the structure of our bodies, as well playing an important role in the processes that keep us alive. Genes are made of a chemical called DNA, which is short for ‘deoxyribonucleic acid’. This module looks at what genes are, how they affect our make-up, and what influence this has on our body.

We will explore

  • What is DNA and how does it relate to me?
  • Exploring genes
  • What’s in a human cell?
  • Genetic coding – what’s it all about?
  • The nature versus nurture debate


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  • Observation of thoughts worksheet
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  • Teacher assessment

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