Gifted&Talented and Lower abilities

Gifted and Talented

NeuroHeadway recognises that children with high learning potential have different learning needs and we have designed specific modules with these young people and their teachers in mind.

These include the challenges that include the fact that these children often display an intellect that is more developmentally advanced than their social and emotional peers. Group mixing can be very difficult as the child thinks differently, they may find work in the classroom painstakingly slow but must keep their head down as they don’t want to seem arrogant and precocious.

We recognise that the challenge of the gifted child is that of creating learning opportunities appropriate to their ability and age while at the same time keeping them emotionally and socially within their peer structure. Once identified, the highly able child needs challenging learning experiences and this is where our Bringing Neuroscience into Education comes into its own.

This thoughtful, innovative and practical programme comprises 18 modules which equate to more than 300 potential teaching contact time hours. We supply the programme as downloadable resource packs which include lesson plans, learning assessments, monthly mentoring and solution platforms for teachers.

Lower Ability Pupils

Our resource materials can be also made appropriate for lower ability classes, as we believe it’s important to remember that all students will get something out of each class, but not necessarily the same things, and not necessarily what you aim to teach them.

Our resource themed groups are ideal for distinguishing for mixed ability groups and our group, discussion based materials are very ideal for these types of activities.

We have a large array of differentiated suggestions for alternative activities, which include –

  • Providing visuals via the board or overhead
  • Having the student close his / her eyes and try to visualize the information
  • Have the pupil take notes and use colored markers to highlight
  • Providing written as well as oral directions
  • Have the pupil repeat directions
  • Alternative form of information sharing, such as artistic creation, exhibit or showcase, chart, graph, or table, photo essay, map
  • Variety of texts written at lower level include panel discussions, mock debates, review of films and presentation of an appropriate one to the class
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