Public engagement

Our specialists have presented talks and workshops to public and professional audiences for many years on a range of topics. They have had an extensive clinical and academic career and continually seeks to engage public audiences in subjects that often seem out of their reach.

If psychological concepts and mindfulness are to do with everyone, at every level of their daily lives, then they should be available and easily accessible to everyone – men, women, the well, the ill, parents, professionals or anyone who makes decisions not only about their lives but about those of others.

Our specialists are available for:

  • Talks
  • Workshops
  • Seminars
  • Training
  • Consultations
  • Discussion groups
  • Personal Development Projects
  • Conferences
  • Articles
  • Interviews
  • Book Signings
  • Demonstrations

Our specialists currently teach on:

CASE STUDY: St. Alban’s District Council, Hertfordshire

‘Values’ and ‘Our Quality of Character’ was the focus of a series of afterschool workshops which not only enhanced skills and confidence, it supported the councils commitment to becoming an Arts Award accredited centre with the local cluster of primary schools.

Eighteen students aged 9 to 11 enrolled on the practical and fun sessions with our practitioner, which included: ‘Social Perceptions’, ‘Mindfulness’, ‘Productivity’ and ‘Pity and Compassion’.

Students took great pride in creating a set of large images to be considered for the Silver Arts Award awarded by the Arts Council. The group also worked together to produce a 2015 calendar for the school to sold to friends and family. The money generated by the sales will be spent on purchasing PSHE supplies for the school – thereby creating a virtuous circle of creativity to benefit everyone!

Students delivered a set of presentations to members of the public, via the council speaker platform, over three consecutive weekends. Additional students delivered separate talks, workshops, training and consultations to senior members of the council also.

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