We are proud of our global collaboration to create NeuroHeadway teaching resources. Our material content been created by academic experts in their field worldwide. Working with experienced educationalists, we have packaged this material into accessible, practical and helpful content that teachers deliver into the classroom.

See the international experts we are working with (in alphabetical order)


Assistant Professor Ramiro D. Almeida

Kim, J. Y. and Jaffrey, S. R. (2016). Separating neuronal compartments gives clues as to local effect of ubiquitin conjugates in synaptogenesis. Journal of Cell Biology, 212 (7).

Pinto, M. J. and Almeida, R. M. (2016). Puzzling out presynaptic differentiation. Journal of Neurochemistry. 139 (921 – 942).

Almeida, R. D., Manadas, B.J., Melo, C. V., Gomes, J. R., Mendes, C. S., Graos, M. M., Carvalho, R. F., Carvalho, A. P. and Duarte, C. B. (2015). Neuroprotection by BDNF against glutamate-induced apoptotic cell death is mediated by ERK and PI3-kinase pathwaysCell Death and Differentiation, 12 (1329 – 1343).

Martins, L. F., Costa, R. O., Pedro, J. R., Aguiar, P., Serra, S. C., F. G. Teixeira, Sousa, N., Salgado, A. J. and Almeida, R. D. (2017). Mesenchymal stem cells secretome-induced axonal outgrowth is mediated by BDNF. Scientific Reports, 7 (4153).

Baptista, F. I., Pinto, M. J., Elvas, F., Almeida, R. D., Ambrosio, A. F. (2013). Diabetes alters KIF1A and KIF5B motor proteins in the hippocampusEffect of Diabetes on Hippocampal Motor Proteins, 8 (6).


Dr. Selen Atasoy

Dr. Atasoy obtained her Ph.D. in medical imaging jointly at the Technical Universtiy of Munich and Imperial College London. She then held a postdoctoral research position at the School of Psychology, University of New South Wales (UNSW), Sydney, where she started her work in experimental and computational neuroscience exploring neural correlates of consciousness.

Currently she is a postdoctoral research fellow at the Center for Brain and Cognition, Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF), Barcelona.

She has been awarded TUM Graduate School of Information Science in Health Ph.D. FellowshipBMEP Biomedical Sciences Exchange Scholarship and currently holds Beatriu de Pinós Postdoctoral Fellowship.

Her current research focuses on exploring brain dynamics in consciousness, sleep and psychedelic states as well as in psychiatric disorders by analysing fMRI and MEG data within the mathematical framework of harmonic waves– a phenomenon ubiquitous in nature.


Professor Mia Malda Atoui

Maalouf, F., Hatoum, C., Atwi, M., & Boustany, R. (2010). Psychiatric comorbidities in common genetic disorders with physical disability. Pediatric Health, 4, (6), 591-601.

Maalouf, F., Atwi, M., & Brent, D. (2011). Treatment-Resistant Depression in Adolescents: Review and Updates on Clinical Management. Depression and Anxiety, 0: 1-9.

Bawab, S., Tavitian, L., Atoui, M., Hariz, N., & Maalouf, F. (2013). Validation of the Arabic Screen for Child Related Anxiety Disorders, Psychiatry Research.

Zeinoun, P., Bawab, S., Atoui, M., Hariz, N., Khani, M., Maalouf, FT., Nahas, Z., & Tavitian, L. (2012). An initial validation of an Arabic multi-informant diagnostic interview of the Lebanese adolescents: The Development and Well Being Assessment (DAWBA). Comprehensive Psychiatry

Tavitian, L., Bawab, S., Maalouf F., Atoui, M., Hariz, N., Zeinoun, P. (2013). Validation of the Arabic Moods and Feelings Questionnaire. Child Psychiatry & Human Development, doi: 10.1007/s10578-013-0406-6

Sawaya, H., Johnson, K., Schmidt, M., Johnson, R., Arana, A., Chahine, G.,  Atoui, M., George, M., & Nahas, Z. (2014). Resting-state functional connectivity of antero-medial prefrontal cortex sub-regions in major depression and relationship to emotional intelligence, The International Journal of Neuropsychopharmacology.

Atoui, M., Badr, L., Drenttel Brand,T., Shahine, R., Khoury, R., & Abboud, M. (2015). The Daily Lived Experiences of adolescents with Sickle Cell Disease in Lebanon. Journal of Pediatric Health Care.

Chahine, G., Short, B., Spicer, K., Schmidt, M., Burns, C., Atoui, M., … & Nahas, Z. (2014). Regional cerebral blood flow changes associated with focal electrically administered seizure therapy (FEAST). Brain stimulation7(3), 483-485.

Nahas, Z., Al Ali, K., Sawaya, H., Hamadeh, A., Bazzi, Z., Atoui, M., … & Karameh, F. (2015). Focal electrically administered seizure therapy (FEAST): Clinical and mechanistic updates. Brain Stimulation2(8), 413-414.

Sawaya, H., Atwi, M., Hamadeh, A., Nahas, Z. (2015). Validation of the Patient Health Questionnaire (PHQ-9) and the Generalized Anxiety Disorder Questionnaire (GAD-7) in an Arabic speaking Lebanese Psychiatric sample.


Dr. Sue Barker

Mental Health Nurse and Chartered Psychologist

Barker, S., Heaslip, V. and Chelvanayagam, S. 2014. Addressing older people’s mental health needs in the community settingBritish Journal of Community Nursing 19(5), pp. 234-238. (10.12968/bjcn.2014.19.5.234)

Barker, S. 2016. Psychology for nursing & healthcare professionals developing compassionate care [Psychology for Nursing and Healthcare Professionals].. London: Sage.

Barker, S. and Morgan, G. 2016. The care practitioner. In: Barker, S. ed. Psychology for Nursing and Healthcare Professionals.  London:  SAGE Publications Inc., pp. 117-141.

Barker, S., Al Harthy, H. and Stacey-Emile, G. 2015. Partnership working between UK and Oman to enhance mental health nursing education and practice. Presented at: NPNR 21st International Conference, Manchester, 17-18 September 2015.

See the full list of publications here.


Arvid Bave

(forthcoming) “Trivial Languages, forthcoming in Acta Analytica.

(2016). Self-Consciousness and Reductive Functionalism, Philosophical Quarterly 67 (266), pp. 1-21.

(2015). Conceptual Role Semantics in Oxford Bibliographies Online: Philosophy, edited by Duncan Pritchard, Oxford University Press.

(2015). Charity and Error-Theoretic Nominalism, Ratio 28 (3), pp. 256-270.

(2015). A Deflationist Error Theory of Properties, Dialectica 69 (1), pp. 23-59.

(2013). Formulating Deflationism, Synthèse 190 (15), pp. 3287-3305.

(2013). Compositional Semantics for Expressivists, Philosophical Quarterly 63 (253), pp. 633-659.

(2012). On Using Inconsistent Expressions, Erkenntnis 77 (1), pp. 133-148.

(2011). How to Precisify Quantifiers, Journal of Philosophical Logic 40 (1), pp. 103-111.

(2010). Deflationism and the Primary Truth Bearer, Synthèse 173 (3), pp. 281-297.

(2009). Why Is a Truth-Predicate Like a Pronoun?, Philosophical Studies 145 (2), pp. 297-310.

(2009). A Deflationary Theory of Reference, Synthèse 169 (1), pp. 51-73.

(2008). A Pragmatic Defense of Millianism, Philosophical Studies 138 (2), pp. 271-289.

(2007). Meaning as a Normative Concept: An interview with Allan Gibbard (with Gunnar Björnsson), Theoria 78(3), pp. 190-205.

(2006) Deflationism: A Use-Theoretic Analysis of the Truth-Predicate, doctoral dissertation, Stockholm, Almqvist & Wiksell International.


Stefan Buijsman

Buijsman, S. (2017). Learning the Natural Numbers as a Child.


Professor Angel Caputi

Cell and Synaptic Physiology

Bell, C. C., Caputi, A.Grant, K. and Serrier, J. (1993). Storage of a sensory pattern by anti-Hebbian synaptic plasticity in an electric fish. Proceeding of the National Academy of Science. 90 (10).

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contrast of the reafferent image in G. carapo. The Journal of Experimental Biology. 206 (999-1010).

Nogueira, J. and Caputi, A. A. (2013). From the intrinsic properties to the functional role of a neuron phenotype: an example from electric fish during signal trade-offThe Journal of Experimental Biology. 206 (2380-2392).

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Rodríguez-Cattaneo, A., Pereira, A. C., Aguilera, P. A., Crampton, W. G. R., Caputi, A. A. (2008). Species-Specific Diversity of a Fixed Motor Pattern: The Electric Organ Discharge of Gymnotus. 

Professor Eugenia Carvalho

Professor Eugénia Carvalho outlines her research activities, which are geared towards understanding the molecular mechanisms of insulin resistance and wound healing in diabetes. Read here.


Dr. Roman Chrast

Dr. Roman Chrast is a Professor of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. He is a senior researcher of Chrast Laboratory. You can read more here.


Professor Nisha Dogra, Professor of Psychiatry Education at University of Leicester

Dogra N., Parkin A., Gale F. & Frake C. (in press). A multidisciplinary handbook of child and adolescent mental health for front-line professionals. 3rd Edition Jessica Kingsley Publishers, London

Dogra N, Cooper S & Lunn B (2016) Ten teachers: Psychiatry. 2nd edition Hodder Stoughton: London

Wright B, Dave S & Dogra N (2017) 100 cases in psychiatry. 2nd edition Hodder Stoughton: London

O’Reilly & Dogra N (2016) Interviewing children: a practical guide, Sage: London

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Dave S, Jenkins R & Dogra N (2016). Mental Health, mental illness and disability in McKimm et al (editors) Working in global health: an introduction for students and health practitioners. Learning Matters.

Ares K, Kuhns L, Dogra N & Karnik N (2015). Child mental health and risk behaviour over time in Kirkcaldy B (editor)

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Bella-Awusah T, Adedokun B, Dogra N, Omigbodun O (2014). The impact of a mental health teaching programme on rural and urban secondary school students’ perceptions of mental illness in southwest Nigeria. J Child Adolesc Ment Health 26(3):207-215.

Svirydzenka N, Bone C, Dogra N (2014). Schoolchildren’s perspectives on the meaning of mental health. Journal of Public Mental Health 13(1):4-12.

Dogra N. Childhood mental illness (2014) Diversity and Equality in Health and Care 11(1):81-83.


Professor Dimitar Elchinov

Ivanov, D. (no date). The Value of Truth.

Karageorgieva, A. and Ivanov, D. (no date). Structure of concepts: ‘theory theory’ and folk philosophy.

Karageorgieva, A. and Ivanov, D. (no date). Everyday Life and Philosophy.

Karageorgieva, A. and Ivanov, D. (no date). On Cognitive Insecurity.

Professor Mirta Gloria Fernandez

Jukka Jolkkonen, PhD, Adjunct Professor Research Director

Lipsanen and Jolkkonen, 2011 Borlongan, Jolkkonen and Detante, 2015 Jolkkonen and Kwakkel, 2016


Professor Amit Khairnar

Amit Khairnar et al. (2017). 99mTc-NTP 15-5 Imaging for Cartilage Involvement in Experimental Rheumatoid Arthritis: Comparison with Routinely Used Molecular Imaging Methods and Sensitivity to Chronic Nonsteroidal Antiinflammatory Drug Treatment. The Journal of Nuclear Medicine. 56 (5).

Khairnar, A., Plumitallo, A., Frau, L., Schintu, N., Morelli, M. (2010). Caffeine Enhances Astroglia and Microglia Reactivity Induced by 3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine (‘Ecstasy’) in Mouse BrainNeurotox Res. 17 (435–439).

Khairnar, A. et al. (2017). Early and progressive microstructural brain changes in mice overexpressing human a-Synuclein detected by diffusion kurtosis imagingBrain, Behavior, and Immunity. 61 (197 – 208).

Khairnar, A. et al. (2016). Late-stage a-synuclein accumulation in TNWT-61 mouse model of Parkinson’s disease detected by diffusion kurtosis imaging. Journal of Neurochemistry. 136 (1259–1269).

Moratalla, R., Khairnar, A., Simola, N. et al. (2015). Amphetamine-related drugs neurotoxicity in humans and in experimental animals: Main mechanisms. Progress in Neurobiology.


RNDr. Miroslava Korenova PhD

Miroslava Korenova is a professor of Neuroimmunology at Slovak Academy of Science. She has an expertise in Neurodegenerative Diseases, Neurophysiology, Neurodegeneration, Movement Dissorders and others. Please, read more here.


Albena Krumova

Psychology of education: a contemporary view. (2017)

ECBES, ISBN 978-619-90563-1-8, pp. 404 (author)

Abnormal Child Development and Behavior (2015)

ECBES, ISBN 978-619-90563-0-1, pp. 312 (author)

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Positive Organizational Psychology. (2015)

Kassel University Press GmbH, ISBN 978-3-86219-844-3, pp. 236 (coauthor)


Andreas Lytras

Lytras, A. N. (2016). Wage Labour in Modern Society. The current realities and the challenge of change, Athens, Papazissis, (eBook), [].

Lytras, A. N. (2016). An Alternative for Combating Unemployment. Journal of Sociology and Social Work, 4 (2), pp. 59-71, [DOI: 10.15640/jssw.v4n2a7, URL:].

Lytras, A. N. (2017). A Radical Policy for Combating Unemployment. The Future Network: Autonomous Workers, Stock Holders, Consumers and the State, Athens, Papazissis, (eBook), [].


Professor Felicia Lucia Rivera Megret

Arredondo, F., Echeverry, C., Blasina, F., Vaamonde, L., Diaz, M., Rivera, F., Martinez, M., Abin-Carriquiry, J. A., Dajas, F. (2014). Flavones and flavonols in brain and disease: facts and pitfalls.

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Dr. Jean Mulder

Lecturer of Linguistics and Applied Linguistics

Communicating with Asia: the future of English as a global language

Conference Papers Refereed:
Conceptualising Backchannel Behaviour in Japanese English and Australian English

Research Book Chapters:
A context-based approach to the identification of hedging devices and features of writer-reader relationship in academic publicationsOccupying niches: Interculturality, cross-culturality and aculturality in academic research. Springer International Publishing.

Journal Articles Refereed:
The Survival of the Subjunctive in Australian English: Ossification, Indexicality and StanceAustralian Journal of Linguistics.  34.

Conference Papers Refereed:
Documenting unacknowledged inheritances in contemporary Australian English

Conference Papers Unrefereed:
The Functions of Extended Loop Sequences in Japanese English Backchannel Interactions


Alicja Niedzwiecka

Niedźwiecka, A., Ramotowska, S. & Tomalski, P. (2017). Mutual gaze during early mother-infant interactions promotes attention control development. Child Development, early online view. DOI:10.1111/cdev.12830 Tomalski, P., Marczuk, K., Pisula, E., Malinowska, A., Kawa, R. and Niedźwiecka, A. (2017).

Chaotic home environment is associated with reduced infant processing speed under high task demands. Infant Behavior and Development, 48, 124-133. Niedźwiecka, A. and Tomalski P. (2015). Gaze-cueing effect depends on facial expression of emotion in 9- to 12-month-old infants. Frontiers in Psychology 6:122. doi:10.3389/fpsyg.2015.00122

Academic Biographies

Books and Publications


Professor Clévio Nóbrega

Matos, CA, de Almeida, LP, Nóbrega, Clévio (2017). Proteolytic cleavage of Polyglutamine disease-causing proteins: revisiting the toxic fragment hypothesis. Curr Pharm Des. 23:753-755.

Alves Cruzeiro, J, Mendonça, L, Pereira de Almeida, L, Nóbrega, Clévio (2016). Motor Dysfunctions and Neuropathology in Mouse Models of Spinocerebellar Ataxia Type 2: a Comprehensive Review. Frontiers in Neuroscience, 10:532.

Matos, CA, Nóbrega Clévio, Louros SR, Almeida B, de Almeida, LP, Macedo-Ribeiro S, Carvalho AL. (2016). Ataxin-3 phosphorylation decreases neuronal defects and toxicity in spinocerebellar ataxia type 3 disease models. J Cell Biol, 212:465-480.

Conceição, M, Mendonça, L, Nóbrega, Clévio, Gomes, C, Costa, P, Hirai, H, Moreira, JN, Lima, C, Manjunath, N, Pereira de Almeida, L. (2016). Intravenous administration of brain-targeted stable nucleic acid lipid particles alleviates Machado-Joseph disease neurological phenotype. Biomaterials, 82:124-137.

Nóbrega Clévio, Carmo-Silva S, Albuquerque D, Vasconcelos-Ferreira A, Vijayakumar U-G, Mendonça L, Hirai H, Pereira de Almeida L (2015). Reestablishing Ataxin -2 downregulates translation of mutant ataxin-3 and alleviates Machado-Joseph disease. Brain, 138:3537-54.

Nóbrega Clévio*, Nascimento-Ferreira I*, Onofre I, Albuquerque D, Hirai H, Déglon N, Pereira de Almeida L (2014) RNA interference mitigates motor and neuropathological deficits in a cerebellar mouse model of Machado-Joseph disease. PlosOne, 9(8):e100086. *Equal contribution.

Dr. Niamh O’Sullivan

Lecturer/Assistant Professor in Neuroscience

Dr. Reinhard Schneider

Gawron, P., Ostaszewski, M., Satagopam, V., Gebel, S., Mazein, A., Kuzma, M., Zorzan, S., McGee, F., Otjacques, B., Balling, R., Schneider, R. (2016). INERVA—a platform for visualization and curation of molecular interaction networks in NPJ Systems Biology and Applications .

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Fujita, K.A., Ostaszewski, M., Matsuoka, Y., Schneider, R. et al. (2014). Integrating Pathways of Parkinson’s Disease in a Molecular Interaction Map in Molecular Neurobiology.


PD Dr. Judith Steigmuller

Lecturer of Neurology

Stegmüller J, Synofzik M., 2016, New transgenic ALS/FTD models on the rat-walk, JNeurochem, Editorial Highlight

Vingill S., Brockelt D., Lancelin C., Tatenhorst L., Dontcheva G, Christian Preisinger C. Schwedhelm-Domeyer N, Joseph S, Mitkovski M, Goebbels S, Nave K.A, Schulz J.B., Marquardt J, Lingor P, Stegmüller J. (2016). Loss of FBXO7 (PARK15) results in reduced proteasome activity and models a parkinsonism-like phenotype in mice, EMBO Journal, 35(18).

Mukherjee C., Holubowska A., Schwedhelm-Domeyer N., Mitkovski M., Lee S.J., Kannan M., Matz A., Vadhvani M., Stegmüller J. (2015). Loss of the neuron-specific F-box protein FBXO41 models an ataxia-like phenotype in mice with neuronal migration defects and neurodegeneration in the cerebellum, JNeurosci, 35(23).

Mitkovski M., Dahm L., Heinrich R., Monnheimer M., Gerhart S., Stegmüller J., Hanisch U.K., Nave K.A., Ehrenreich H. (2015). Erythropoietin dampens injury-induced microgial motility, J Cereb Blood Flow Metab, Epub May 2015.

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Latchezar Tomov

Tomov, L. (2016). Jump Math and the Risk Management of Education. Conference paper. Available at:

Marian Tsanov

is a Research Assistant Professor at University of Dublin. Please, read more here.

Tsanov M, Wright, N, Vann S.D, Erichsen J.T, Aggleton J.P, O’Mara, S. M. (2011) Hippocampal inputs mediate theta-related plasticity in anterior thalamus. Neuroscience 187:52-62

Tsanov M, Chah E, Wright, N, Vann S.D, Reilly R.B., Erichsen J.T, Aggleton J.P, O’Mara, S. M. (2011) Oscillatory entrainment of thalamic neurons by theta rhythm in freely-moving rats. J Neurophysiology, 105:(1)4-17.


Dr. Stella Vlachou

Lecturer in Psychology

O’Connor, R.M., Moloney, R.D., Vlachou, S., and Cryan J.F. (2015). Glutamatergic transmission during adolescence is critical for the behavioural effects of cocaine: effects of early life stress. Neuropharmacology, 99: 168-176.


Professor Panos Vostanis

Professor of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

World Awareness for Children in Trauma (WACIT)

This global initiative has the objective of developing an evidence-based psychosocial model for children who experience complex trauma, particularly in low-income countries and in the absence of specialist resources. The programme incorporates research, inter professional training and network-building. Target groups are street children, orphaned, victims of war, refugee, and living in slums. For more information on recent events and activities, visit the blog and project website.


Vostanis, P. (2014). Helping Children and Young People who Experience Trauma: Children of Despair, Children of Hope. London: Radcliffe Publishers.  Read more about it by clicking here

Vostanis, P., Humphrey, P. N., Fitzgerald, N., Deighton, J. and Wolpert, M. (2013). How do schools promote emotional well-being among their pupils? Findings from a national scoping survey of mental health provision in English schools. Child and Adolescent Mental Health. 18 (3).

Vostanis, P., O’Reilly, M., Taylor, H., Day, C., Street, C., Wolpert, M. and Edwards, R. (2012). What can education teach child mental health
services? Practitioners’ perceptions of training and joint working. Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties. 17 (2).

Butterworth, S., Singh, S., Birchwood, M., Islam, Z., Munro, E., Vostanis, P., Paul, M., Khan, A. & Simkiss, D. Transitioning care-leavers with mental health needs: “They set you up to fail”. Child & Adolescent Mental Health, DOI: 10.1111/camh.12171

Wadman, R., Clarke, D., Sayal, K., Vostanis, P., Armstrong, M., Harroe, C., Majumder, P. & Townsend, E. An interpretative phenomenological analysis of the experience of self-harm repetition and recovery in young adults. Journal of Health Psychology, in press.

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Professor Karen Waldie

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