Social action campaigns

Participation on our leadership, entrepreneurship, and Innovation programmes has prompted a call to action for students who want to take their new skills and experience and turn it into something positive for their school and their wider community.

Our NeuroHeadway network furthers the understanding of how research findings from the World’s top Neuroscientists has the potential to inform teaching and learning through research, collaboration, and advocacy.

As an outcome of the work we are doing in schools, students are building on their learning and translating it into self-led social action campaigns and increases parent engagement which has been shown to increase school attendance.

This initiative fosters dialogue among professional teachers and Brain Science researchers to develop joint research projects and magnify the potential for current findings in order to enrich educational practice.

CASE STUDY: Farlington Independent School, Sussex partnered with British International School, Hanoi

As part of our new leadership programme, dedicated to instilling confidence and inspiration to young people, NeuroHeadway worked with an independent school over a period of 7 months during an academic year to provide support to Farlington Independent School’s partnership with the British International School of Hanoi, Vietnam.

The programme was designed around us providing to students at Farlington Independent School a set of comprehensive, age appropriate activities for young students to undertake at home with parents.

The themes were focussed on areas including: ‘mental wellbeing’, ‘anxiety and depression’, ‘mindfulness’, ‘social perceptions’, ‘pity and compassion’ and finally, ‘our observations’.

The UK students worked hard collaborating together on a series of initiatives designed to pass down personal experiences of these themes to provide a shared experience portal for students who are experiencing these conditions, especially for those students living in another foreign country.

The project was completed to great success and this has become part of the school’s curriculum timetable for other international schools to adopt, as part of an individualised leadership program.

CASE STUDY: Sports Partnership Herefordshire and Worcestershire

NeuroHeadway worked with students aged 9 to 10, organised by the Sports Partnership, to produce an awareness around stress and anxiety exhibition set piece. The students – all nominated ‘gifted and talented’ – created a short video over a six week period.

The exhibition featured the focus on: ‘Positive Feelings About Life’, ‘Our Behaviours’ and ‘Our Identity’ to coordinate the PSHE topics that were undertaken at nearby schools.

The students conducted their own research, learned about the new knowledge into a visual art presentation with the support of NeuroHeadway.

As an outcome of the work we achieved with the partnership, students were building on their learning and translating it into self-led set of social action campaigns and increased parent engagement, which has been shown to increase school attendance.

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