Module Overview

Originated by John O’Donoghue

We live in a very visual culture. Pupils are used to being visually stimulated from so many angles and from such a young age with all the technology that is available to them. In order to engage them, we are in a time where the visual presentation of lessons, activities and your school are of huge consequence to a pupil’s ability to learn.

Stimulating learning environments both in the classroom and around the school contribute greatly to enthusiasm, engagement and attitudes towards learning. Colourful, imaginative and appealing displays are not only a way to lift mood and make the learning environment a brighter, happier place to be, they also contribute significantly to children’s subconscious learning. Attractive and inspiring surroundings contribute to a positive outlook towards life as well.

We will explore

  • Planning and preparing for change
  • Self-evaluation
  • Concentration games
  • Attention
  • Impulse control
  • Working memory
  • Planning


We are continously working to improve and update our material to ensure it is meeting the needs of students and teachers alike.

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Our programmes include a range of learning materials to support both teachers and students in the classroom. Content wise, each module is different but some components are common to all to provide assessment tools for teachers and familiar references for students.

This module includes

  • Lesson activity plan
  • Observational worksheet
  • Reflection worksheet
  • Power point

We believe that some topics are approached more powerfully by bringing in animation. That is why some of the topics have videos to illustrate the learning points

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