UK Mini case studies

Lapage Primary School, Bradford, Yorkshire

'Over the six weeks, the group of fifteen students learned about Mental Health and Well Being, to produce a set of exhibition prints which contributed to a presentation for parents and for an Ofsted inspection.'

St. Ivo School, Cambridgeshire

'Children at the club which ran for an hour afterschool for 6 weeks, included mixing Lifestyle and Value Systems with other Neuroscience discipline including Social Interactions and Human Behaviour.'

St. Helen’s Primary School, Ipswich, Suffolk

'A series of ‘Attention, Language, Emotion and Memory’ sessions were delivered by NeuroHeadway during morning curriculum time with a group of more than twenty students who have physical disabilities.'

Wellsway School, Bristol, Avon

'As there are 45 students in each year group, the workshop format was the same for both days with separate morning and afternoon sessions. All students were kitted out with Medicine and the Brain. Sessions started with ‘Sending the World Around You’, then the groups moved onto ‘Deciding and Doing’, ‘Using Intelligence and Memory.'

Woodhouse Academy, Quinton, Birmingham, West Midlands

'A group of sixteen year olds who were studying for their AS Level Science exams benefited from a series of workshops delivered by NeuroHeadway. The group worked on a project of: Learning and Memory in ‘Taste and Smell’, which also included: Reflexive Movements, Components of Intelligence and Brain Development.'

St. Peter’s Primary School, Merseyside, Liverpool

'The ‘Remembering and Forgetting’ sessions were delivered out of college hours by NeuroHeadway. Twenty students, who were working towards their BTEC qualifications created several finished flush mounted prints. This project supported their course work and prepared students for potentially taking their media studies further.'

Fulham Boys School, London

'The ‘Optimism for the Future’ / ‘Happiness in the Present’ workshops were practical and interactive and children created both individual and group projects. The project topics were directly related to what the pupils were working on in their curriculum subjects and the workshops were designed to take these to another level through creative exploration.'

Great Field Primary School, Gloucestershire

'Working with girls on Key Stage 4, NeuroHeadway was asked to design and deliver a series of Behaviour and Mental Processes based workshops that encouraged them to experiment in technology fields that use Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths.'

Hayes Meadow Primary School, Staffordshire

'Children learned Emotional Intelligence skills and techniques at their afternoon workshops, during Curriculum time. With these new creative skills under their belts, the KS2 students explored Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths completed individual and group projects as part of the workshop series delivered by NeuroHeadway.'

Bolnore Primary School, Haywards Heath, Sussex

'Delivered by NeuroHeadway, the workshops were rolled out over a six week period. The young Neuroscientists explored a range of subjects – Emotional Literacy, Cellular Neuroscience and Neurobiology. Teachers got involved too, so everyone gained an understanding and how they can be embedded within the Curriculum, for next year’s Key Stage 2 groups.'

Kenningtons Primary School, Essex

'The short film was created during a series of ‘Mind, Brain and Genes’ workshops delivered by NeuroHeadway over a six week period. The students learned about translating Computer Science, Linguistics and Philosophy into a 3D format and scripted, produced and directed a short video presentation to the head teacher. The short film inspired the head teacher to commission the students to use their new found skills and creative flair to create promotional film for the school with the intention of attracting international students.'

Canons Primary School, Warwickshire

'The workshops, designed and delivered by NeuroHeadway, were all about looking at the Aspiration and Needs and Contentment and Disappointment for each student. These included Knowing your Feelings and Motivation. The work all contributed towards each pupils Record of Achievement.'

Norwood Primary School, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire

'The eleven year olds participated in a series of after school on Adapting and Adjusting to new situations, using Decision Making, Consciousness and Memory. The sessions, designed and delivered by NeuroHeadway culminated in the production of a series of short video clips telling stories that the students wrote themselves. The NeuroHeadway practitioner was impressed at the learning speed of the group and acknowledged that their complete engagement in the programme helped set the pace and the standard reached by all, resulting in the Silver and Gold Arts Award standard.'

Epsom Downs Primary School, Surrey

'There was a focus on Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths as the youngsters used their new skills and experience to complete Social Health and Wellbeing initiatives. The workshops were delivered by NeuroHeadway over a six week programme.'

St. Thomas Catholic Primary School, Sevenoaks, Kent

'The ninety minute sessions were held weekly, over six weeks. The topic of optics, part of the Science and Technology curriculum, was explored over the six week programme. Participating students were then tasked to create a set of bespoke lesson plans for the younger students on the basics of Attitudes, Communication skills and Character Traits. This included looking at how Compassion, Empathy for Others and Knowing your feelings techniques and applications can enhance curriculum work and help to improve grades.'

Wicklewood Primary School, Wymondham, Norfolk

'On Friday afternoons, a class of 10 year olds, explored their creativity to find new ways to show others how they live the school’s motto – “we all shine”. To equip children with Common Sense, Ability to Communicate and Communication skills for their final project, NeuroHeadway delivered practical and participative sessions on Brain Mapping and Understanding each other, through Language.
The culmination of the workshops series was when students were tasked to create a series of ‘Neural Networks’ portraits mounted on boards that show the school’s approach to personal qualities such as caring, sharing, listening and so on – all focused on the “we all shine” theme.'

The Hammonds Prep School, Cheshire

'The project, which ran over six weeks, focused on Understanding Nerve Cells and Brain Structure. The children learned new and exciting knowledge which they applied to the composition of a range of Christmas cards to be sold through school to friends and family. The project was a great success and well received by the children who came up with creative and unusual ideas to make their cards extra special.'

Othery Village Primary School, Bridgwater, Somerset

'The workshops ran every week and were attended by 35 participants made up of children aged 7 and 8 and their parents or carers. In the 90 minute sessions which ran over 8 weeks, all the basics of The Spinal Cord and the function of the Nervous System were explored as a range of Our Vision Systems and Awareness. The idea behind the sessions arranged by the school, was to promote and nurture family bonding by learning something new together.'

Brewers Hill Middle School, Bedfordshire

'The 16 year olds were preparing for their BTEC studies in Health Science. Over the two sessions, the group worked with the NH practitioner to create several finished magazines which included stills photographs which were set up in the workshops. The magazine work included copywriting, layout and digital production. The themes were based on: Ethics, Manner and What students consider proper behaviour. '

Ralph Butterfield Primary School, Yorkshire

'The students enjoyed two half day practical sessions focussed on Life Processes and Ecosystems delivered by NeuroHeadway. The students were preparing for their BTEC studies in ‘How the Human Brain Learns’. The NH practitioner worked alongside the students to create several complete videos. '

Christ The King School, Reading, Berkshire

'The objective of the workshops was for students to explore their creativity and to find out if there was an appetite amongst the students to study Language Processing and Neurology at A Level. The workshops were a great success borne out by the take up on the Neuroscience course with 37 students signed up for the 2017 - 2018 academic year.'

Retford Oaks Primary School, Nottinghamshire

'Students aged 9 – 11 worked together in groups to create ‘How The Blood Supplies the Body’. The aim was to improve communication and behaviour within the groups using educational Neuroscience as the catalyst. A further outcome was that the sessions provided leadership opportunities for these students to ‘lead by doing’. '

Fivemile Town Primary School, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland

'Reception and years 1, 2 and 3 were looking the reasons why we take portraits of people, and explored how to look to build in the social aspect of this. The school as a whole was focusing on social, moral and spiritual issues in the context of its values, Perseverance, Success and Partnership.'

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