Worldwide testimonials

Lordship Lane Junior High School, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA

"NeuroHeadway has developed techniques for utilizing right-brain functioning in children to create surprising artistic results."

Mount St. Michael Secondary School, County Mayo, Ireland

“Very innovative and interesting subject, coupled with the fact that it’s been created with vulnerable students in mind as well”

Ecole Maosica School, Geneva, Switzerland

“Really fun, really engaging and the teachers learnt so much as well. It was a terrific experience”

Edward Richardson Primary School, Brisbane, Australia

“With its excellent coverage of world regions, depth of analysis and the high calibre of research that is featured, NeuroHeadway remains one of the top pieces of content delivery in the field. It is unquestionably a valuable resource for scholars and practitioners across the globe”

Bozeman High Academy, Auckland, New Zealand

"With well-chosen words and illustrations, broadening our conception of learning in the sciences and art, it suggests ways in which the area of neuroscience can contribute productively to the mastery of other disciplines”.

Griffin Park Elementary School, Augusta, Georgia, USA

"Many of my students who are teaching in the elementary school have relayed to me how successful and exciting their applications of NeuroHeadway’s method are in the classroom."

Rainbow Elementary School, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA

"The method emphasizes step-step guidance for drawing in a learning environment that is non-competitive and non-judgmental, where when pencil meets paper there is no right or wrong."

King Soloman International School, Petra, Jordan

"A superb job of simplifying the cognitive learning process, taking away the mystery. I have never read more positive evaluations from teachers."

Wellbourn Primary Academy, Port Elizabeth, South Africa

"I knew the instant here was something who was going to have a profound affect on my daughter and whose thoughts would one day be an established part of school curricula everywhere”.

Quay View Junior School, Longview, Alberta, Canada

"I've watched the NeuroHeadway method gain grass-roots popularity. It works! It's a MUST for teachers."

International School of Morocco

“It’s been such a different lesson for the children to enjoy and one that we’ll be looking to do again”.

Ettington Elementary School, Jakarta, Indonesia

"I have witnessed firsthand the admiration, respect, and adulation that the public feels for NeuroHeadway products"

Hackbridge High Academy, Vallejo, California, USA

"NeuroHeadway’s techniques have attracted national attention."

Wonersch Junior School, Farum, Denmark

"NeuroHeadway has invented a new alphabet of building blocks in restructuring the brain, and it is fun."

Glensmith Primary Academy, Helsinki, Finland

"Their method is particularly useful in helping teach children with learning disabilities."

DePaul College Prep, Chicago, Illinois, United States

“It is an area that schools would like to get into but don't always have the chance or expertise."

Britannica International School, Budapest, Hungary

“It's always very interesting to us as to what new topics and activities are updated and we are continuously impressed with what we have access to, regularly”

International School of Brno, Czech Republic

“It’s been a brilliant learning curve for us all and the ideas that have come out of it have been really worthwhile!”

LA Primary School, Basel, Switzerland

“Very engaging and exciting for our pupils. We will want to integrate this for our school, going forward”.

Lincoln American School Buenos Aires, Argentina

“It was very good to see the students work together and it's hard to deny the quality of the resources”.

Esbjerg International School, Denmark

"It’s a wonderful concept and service for secondary and independent schools. It’s benefits are precise, explicit and the service itself is ready to be used by teachers straight away”.

Franklin D. Roosevelt School, Lima, Peru

“It is a bridge between aspirations and how they can develop specific skills within understanding Health and Wellbeing”.

Canadian International School, Singapore

“Emotional Health and Wellbeing is a big subject and we like your approach to this and how we can develop as Teachers in using your material”

Ascham School, Sydney, Australia

“As a small rural school, we often find it difficult to find companies that offer innovative, new resources for our staff and this is certainly one of them”

Berlin British International School, Berlin, Germany

“As acting Headteacher, this is one area that we don't have expertise in - I'm learning all the time how we, as a team of colleagues, can work with pupils from different backgrounds”

German American International School, Menlo Park, California, United States

“It creates an enormous amount of feedback and development dialogue with those working in the creative world and to those looking how to integrate themselves in this world, once they leave high school”.

GEMS Cambridge International School (CIH), Hoshiarpur, India

"The subjects filter into our syllabus for the children and have been phenomenally rewarding and of exceptional value for money."

Le Jardin Academy, Hawaii, United States

“Students from across the school were extremely engaged. The resources made excellent use of the school's ICT facilities to develop student’s skills, which contributed to this enriching experience”.

San Andrea School, Malta

“We had lots of good feedback from the girls, and the resources were very much in use again today!”

Gulliver Preparatory School, Miami, Florida, United States

“The pupils and staff would always recommend you to other Schools”.

British International School of Bratislava, Slovakia

“It's such an interesting service and one that we've not encountered before”

Singapore American School, Singapore

“Our Headteacher and Assistant Headteacher love this approach and working with global Neuroscientists is an inspired idea”

Hsinchu International School, Taiwan

“The ideas and structure are brilliant, the children love it and we all learn so much as well here every week. It’s been a really worthwhile service”.

Somersfield Academy, Bermuda

“Our Head of PSHE really values what you offer and really need a focus on this in the curriculum now more than ever”

St Anne’s School, Asuncion, Paraguay

“Our SENCO asks about this a lot and it's becoming more important in Schools to make use of exciting resources, such as yours”

St Lawrence College, Athens, Greece

“This is something that we've really required in recent years what you offer is excellent service”

San Roberto International School, Mexico

“This is something that we've really required in recent years what you offer is excellent service”

Santa Cruz International School, Bolivia

“Our Teachers here really value the resources and we use them all of the time, for different purposes”

Colegio Balandra Cruz del Sur School, Ecuador

“We'd like to see more and more differentiated modules you have as we use them all the time and need more material, they're so useful”

Bina Bangsa School, Balikpapan, Indonesia

“It caters for both the teachers and pupils (as well as enabling families to work together in a creative manner towards their children’s curriculum subjects) at a very reasonable annual subscription”

International School of Texas, United States

“The work carried out by your company is truly amazing, especially the different aspects of PSHE and Science you are making available. The workshops were enjoyed by our pupils and all walked away with new skills that they would class as important in day-to-day life”.

School Judah Maccabee, Tel Aviv, Israel

“This is an exceptionally great service that supports school curriculum objectives, the arts curriculum and the flexibility which schools crave. The ability to use a website at different hours of the day and also involve parents at home to collaborate with their children is an enormous benefit”

Instituto Cumbres y Rosedal Lomas, Mexico City

“It’s a very interesting platform and it’s something that I can recognise the benefits of immediately”

Alexandra House School, Mauritius

“This is a phenomenal opportunity to take learning to the next level”.

Jakarta Intercultural School, Jakarta, Philippines

“A fabulous and wonderful product – there are a millions benefits to schools for using this”.

British School of Bucharest, Romania

“It is both exciting and provides ingenuity to children for learning educational aspects in the curriculum in their school life”

American Primary School, Gdynia, Poland

“The advantage of a well-priced learning station in times of spending cuts means students get the benefit of arts curriculum which otherwise would be denied to them”

St. Mary of the Angel's Elementary School, Tarifa, Spain

"NeuroHeadway has gained international recognition for the remarkable work they have done."

India International School, Koto, Japan

“The children can mark each other’s work and that is an enormous value proposition”

Claremorris Boys National School, County Mayo, Ireland

“Excellent resources to use for our students. They are obviously developed to a high standard and are thoroughly researched and designed for a variety of learning styles as well”

Alice International School, Kula Lumpor, Indonesia

“I think it's a phenomenal resource: it's concise; it makes perfect sense and seems to offer really good value”

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